The legendary 1944 Jeep Willys MB

There’s no denying it: 75 years is a pretty long time. It’s enough time to watch many musical, fashion and Hollywood fads come and go, and it’s nearly the entire lifespan of your average human being! However, that hasn’t stopped Jeep from hitting that mighty milestone and trucking along stronger than ever. To celebrate its big anniversary, Jeep has lots of events and festivities in store, and one of them involves a person you know quite well: yourself!

Right now, the automaker is asking for stories, tweets, videos and photos from people like you that show off the Jeep model you love and the adventures you’ve gone on. Jeep is looking for examples of exciting places you’ve gone, adventures you’ve had and memories you’ve made with your vehicle. Got a thrilling tale to tell about a journey you made in your Jeep Cherokee? Write it out! Proud of the love story you began when you met your significant other in his or her Jeep Wrangler? Share some happy-couple photos!

Whatever story you decide to tell, do so on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #MyJeepStory. Beginning on April 7, you can also directly post your tale in video form on the official microsite. At the end of the year, Jeep will digitally compile 75 different stories that really embody the spirit of the brand. If you take part, you could see your submission pop up on Jeep’s official website or as part of 75th-anniversary promo materials. Tell your legend for the world to see!

So what kind of yarn will you spin on social media? The next time you come to our Jeep dealership near Newton, MA, to buy a newer model or service the one you own, tell us your Jeep stories. We’d love to hear them, and we’ll trade you some of our own!