Have you ever considered how well your vehicle would fair against white water river rapids? No? Well, Jeep wanted to put their vehicles to the test, which is why they took the Jeep Renegade to the Cardiff International White Water Centre in Wales. The test was simple — can the SUV be maneuvered through the raging waters of the course?

To drive the Renegade, Jeep turned to Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller. Behind the wheel, she carefully drove into the water and through the 250-meter course. The water, which nearly covered the wheels at times, was rushing by the tires at a rate of nearly 4 tons per second, with a descent of 30 feet from the top of the course to the bottom.

As water surrounded the Renegade, Fuller took her time, easing onto the gas pedal to remain in control. The steep inclines were no match for the 4-wheel drive, keeping the vehicle steady throughout the entire ordeal. From start to finish the Renegade didn’t even flinch or lose traction on the course.

The Jeep Renegade has four unique Selec-TerrainĀ® traction control options — Snow, Sand, Mud and Rock — that make it easy to conquer any obstacles. No matter where you’re headed, it’s always good to know the capabilities of your vehicle.

With a starting price of just $17,995, the Jeep Renegade remains a fiscally responsible option for every driver shopping at our Jeep dealership in Natick, MA. From white water rapids to handling the different road conditions along your daily commute, it will not disappoint you. Though just because the Jeep Renegade can traverse raging white water rapids, we don’t recommend you try it.