Your Wrangler can tackle everything from city streets to rugged terrain with ease. Legendary Jeep capability lets you command the road with confidence while advanced engineering and iconic Jeep styling make it an authority on the road, all year long. But when the seasons change and the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to think about adding more protection from the elements.


The Jeep Wrangler hardtop lets you conquer all your drives in a variety of conditions. Winter in New England means we can look forward to Mother Nature throwing a multitude of storms our way. Check out easy instructions on how to install your Freedom Panel Hard Top here. For complete instructions on removing your hardtop, refer to your Wrangler owner’s manual.

The vehicle that offers the open-air freedom in summer equally offers freedom in winter, just of a different kind. Once the temperature cools down in the fall and traveling can become a challenge due to weather, when you are behind the wheel of a Wrangler, you have the ability to traverse snowy trails or icy streets with enhanced traction. Your freedom to hit the road isn’t hindered by inclement weather because every Jeep Wrangler wears the Trail Rated® badge, indicating the ability to perform under various off-road conditions. Impressive traction, ground clearance, articulation and maneuverability let you enjoy your Jeep Wrangler all winter long.

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